Invitation service opens on May 20

Read before you start

You can invite your clients who are part of the preferential category : insurance company, investment bank, private bank, portfolio management company.

The registration of any person not belonging to this category will be refused, each registration is subject to moderation.

Please note: you must not register your employees in this section.

Unlimited invitations - Depending on places available.

How to send my invitations

1. Configure your invitation and personalize your email .
2. Manually import or add your guests
3. View the status of guests after import.

New features:

You can edit the subject, the sender's name, your logo,
a text block and the response email.

Invitations are sent automatically.

L'Agefi undertakes not to communicate or use this data.

We invite you to add a guest no later than Monday, September 30.

Please set up your invitation email, to start inviting your contacts

Understanding the different statuses

There are 8 statuses for your guest:

· Imported: Your guest has been integrated into your list
· E-mail sent: The invitation e-mail was sent to your guest
· E-mail opened The invitation e-mail has been opened
· E-mail clicked: The invitation e-mail has been clicked
· Registered: Your guest is already registered, so he/she will not receive your invitation
· Not finalised: Your guest has started to register, but has not finished
· Opt-out : The person you wish to invite has already informed us at a later date that they do not wish to receive any emails.
· Unreachable: The invitation e-mail did not reach your guest. Please check the e-mail address you have entered.