What information do you have to send the organiser?

All partners: click here.
•  Partners with associated sponsorship: the organiser will contact you with instructions on what information to provide.

Stands are allocated by the L’AGEFI team in the order in which partnership agreements are received.
Your stand number will be notified to you in September.

All equipment must be installed by Monday 7 October at 6:00 p.m.

All material must be collected by Tuesday 8 October at 7.45 p.m.

Major partner: 14 / Premium partner: 10 / Classic partner: 6 / Neo partner: 3

Note: the number of employees you can register here is limited by your badge quota.
You can request additional badges by e-mail at msenser@agefi.fr. See below for prices.
A partner can buy up to 5 additional badges for company staff.
As soon as the organiser has confirmed, you can register one or more new people as requested.
The deadline for buying additional badges is 30 September 2024.
Please remember that additional badges must be paid for before the day of the event.
Preferential rate for partners:
For an employee badge: EUR 690 per person (excl. tax) or EUR 828 (incl. tax)

Employees: €690 (excl. tax); €828 (incl. tax).

You will be sent a file listing all registered participants and their contact details the week after the event.
GDPR note: only contacts who have authorised the sharing of their details with partners will be included. For others, the following information will be given: profile, role and company.

The programme will be made available on the website: https://amtechday.evenements.agefi.fr/
For partner workshops and interviews, the breakdown will be made in summer.