Take back the control of your data!

Europe may have lost the battle for ownership and control of raw financial data, but it can still win the battle for control of transformed data, its strategic information. This year, AM Tech Day, the leading event for the asset management industry and its technological transformations, would like to highlight the need to address this issue now that generative AI is booming.

Together with journalists from L'Agefi's editorial team, managers and key experts in the sector, we will analyse the promises made from data spaces and Gaia-X for European investment management companies. However, while waiting for the realisation of a European zone for financial data promised for 2027, financial institutions have to answer many questions about the governance, collection, cleaning, quality and protection of their financial and non-financial data.

Meanwhile, they need to make the most of the ongoing revolution in the distribution of products and services. Blockchain or AI applications, such as ChatGPT, are inspiring an even more automated, tailored and shortened client journey.

Here are some highlights of the topics to be addressed during this new edition of the AM Tech Day which will take place on 3 October at the Palais Brongniart in Paris.

This year's programme was drawn up by an original committee made up of journalists from L'Agefi's editorial staff as well as professionals who are experts in these subjects that you can find below !

Steering Committee

  • Pierre-Etienne AGID, Head of asset owners & managers for France - SECURITIES SERVICES, BNP PARIBAS
  • Yoan CHAZAL, Partner investment management services - DELOITTE
  • Sylvain CREPIN, Partner - DELOITTE
  • Muriel FAURE, Présidente de la commission Innovations technologiques,  AFG - Senior Advisor, TIEPOLO
  • Alexandre GARABEDIAN, Directeur de la rédaction - L’AGEFI
  • Ludivine GARNAUD, Rédactrice en chef des événements – L’AGEFI
  • Alban JARRY, Consultant indépendant
  • Guillaume LESAGE, COO - AMUNDI
  • Vincent LAPADU-HERGUES, Responsable gestion d’actifs & accompagnement R&D – FINANCE INNOVATION
  • Laurent LUISET, Directeur commercial et développement - L’AGEFI
  • François ROBIN, Directeur général délégué - L’AGEFI
  • Stéphanie ROY, Journaliste spécialisée – L’AGEFI
  • Yann de SAINT-MELEUC, Associé - A2 CONSULTING

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Democratising investment, risk or opportunity?
For its 13th edition, AM Tech Day has chosen to analyse the consequences of the democratisation of investment, which is itself the result of the democratisation of innovation

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